Tips That Can Help You With Better Eyelash Extension

A recent beauty magazine survey discovered that the majority of women, if allowed only one makeup component would go for mascara. Mascara gives definition to the eyes and improves the natural beauty of the eyes in a subtle but apparent way. However, there would be no need for mascara if the eyelashes were already thick and long. Moreover, eyelash extensions provide a more natural looking way to enhance eye beauty. Below are some helpful eyelash tips.

Be careful when choosing lashes

You should go for a complimentary color. Eyelash extensions come in all manner of colors, thicknesses and lengths. Choose according to the effect you are after. Most of the time, the technician you choose will advise you concerning the right extensions for you. Make a point to go for durable lash extensions that look natural. Stick to the known quality brands. They may cost more, but they will be worth it.

Be prepared to close your eyes for up to 3 hours

This is easier said than done. The amount of time the application process will take will depend on the speed and experience of the technician. It may take less time but the point here is that you will have to close your eyes for a long time. It is advisable that you breathe deeply, relax and maybe take a nap. The more you think during the process, the harder you will find it to keep your eyes closed.

Be prepared to change aspects of your life

Lash extensions come bundled together with maintenance rules. You should be prepared for them. First, they require touch up every 3-5 weeks. How fast the touch up becomes necessary mainly depends on the extent to which you will observe the recommended maintenance rules. Sleeping facing upwards particularly helps in helping them last longer. The lashes also require daily combing, preferably, with a spooley brush (clean).

It is imperative that you avoid getting them wet the first day. Otherwise, the adhesive will weaken and all your efforts might end up being in vain. On a cautionary note, removing makeup will also be quite tricky once you get extensions. You should always have makeup wipes with you, but avoid cotton pads.


Chances are that you will get addicted. After getting extensions, it becomes hard to fathom how your natural lashes will look once the extensions are removed. The addiction is not necessarily a bad thing since your eyes will always be looking good. However, there are cost implications, which you should be prepared for.

Overall, use the best eyelash growth serum online if you want to see real lashes, the safest of all cosmetic versions used for lash growth. You can avail safe and trusted products for eyelash growth very easily. Known for safety and effectiveness, the product will not only work wonders but also instill self-confidence within weeks 4-5 weeks.

What Is All This Cheer About Meladerm

Though the presentation savvy times of today have certainly increased the interest which women, and nowadays a lot of men have in skin bleaching products, there has also been a caveat to this. With a lot of such products having seen to be causing long term harm than good, there is a great scrutiny about their composition. One such scrutinized ingredients which forms the base of the bleaching properties of a lot of these over the counter products is hydroquinone, which is now linked to be causing cancer.  The launch of Meladerm sort of revived the skin bleaching products market, as it was marketed as the first hydroquinone free skin bleaching product.

The Cure for Melasma?

The condition of Melasma which is characterized with blotchy and patchy skin can be a result of either menopause, or pregnancy. Many women who have used Meladerm in such a condition have reported the breaking up of their Melasma patch, and subside in the course of time.

The Moisturizing Qualities

Unlike other synthetic skin bleaching creams which have been reported to be moisture extractors from the skin, Meladerm reportedly is different. Even a reasonable usage of the product doesn’t leave the skin dry and lifeless, which works to its advantage.

Enlisting the Best Fat Burners For Women

When it comes to fat burning and having a toned, healthy body, the needs of women are significantly different from those of men. Thus only the best fat burners for women can work, and health conscious women across the world today want to know what the best to use is.

  1. BSN Hyper Shred

For the women who are active athletes and want to choose the best fat burner for women, BSN Hyper Shred is undoubtedly the first choice. With a well researched group of ingredients, it is known to be the safest to use of the best fat burners for women.

  1. Lean Mode From EVL Nutrition

Lean Mode is from a class of fat burners which are free of any stimulants, and hence devoid of any increase in the blood pressure. The product works on all dimensions of weight loss – appetite control, energy, positive mood and increased metabolism.

3.     Hydrxyocut Hardcore Elite

For women concentrating on an increased metabolism and thermogenesis , Hydrxyocut Hardcore Elite is undoubtedly amongst the best fat burners for women. The label disclosure is elucidate and the makers do not seem to hide anything from their curious consumers. And a free muscle tech t-shirt does not hurt anyone, does it? Find more products for best fat burners for women at